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At WORKMASTER we pride ourselves on fast, safe gate opening of hoppers cars & dry bulk trailers.
We specialize in clean, efficient bulk material unloading, transporting & storing solutions.

WORKMASTER Railcar Gate Openers

Hopper Car Gate Openers

Pneumatic Electric and Manual Gate Openers for Hopper Bottom Railcars. Select the most suitable Gate Opener based on: Quantity and Frequency of Railcars Opened, Gate Opening Difficulty, Unloading Site Conditions, Available Power Source, and Budget.
Bin-Butler Diagram

Pneumatic Flow Aid System

Quiet, energy-efficient method to get stored Powders and Bulk Solids flowing from Bins and Hoppers by eliminating Arching, Bridging, Tunneling and Clinging problems with an engineered system of rapid air-expansion Bin Butler Injector Heads.
WM Vibrators Collage

Hopper Car Vibrators

Powerful Pneumatic, Electric, and Hydraulic Railcar Vibrators eliminate the safety and productivity problems associated with the dangerous, dirty, and slow job of unloading Hopper-Bottom Railcars. Select the force and frequency required to unload any type of material.

Vacuum Mount Vibrators

Portable, easy-to-mount series of Air Vibrators which can instantly and temporarily fasten to any smooth, non-porous surface to apply the ideal amount of force and frequency – where and when it’s needed – to either activate flow in Bins, Hoppers and Chutes or settle powders and bulk solids in totes, drums, and boxes.

Hopper Car Connectors

Transfer material from Hopper Car Pocket to an Undertrack Conveyor System cleanly, and efficiently and safely without pollution problems from wind-blown product dust – and without climbing under the Railcar.
Electric Vibrator Mount Beam Kit

Vibrator Mounts and Kits

Effectively, efficiently, and economically locate and rigidly secure Air, Electric, and Hydraulic Vibrators to Bins, Hoppers, and Chutes for improved performance through maximum transfer of a Vibrator’s force and frequency over a large area into the stored material.

Motor Starters and Programmable Timers

Air and Electric Vibrators should operate efficiently and at peak performance. Motor Controls help provide reliable operation, long life, and energy-efficiency by controlling PSI/CFM (Air Vibrators), Load Protection (Electric Vibrators), run time, and time/sequence event processing.

Air Motor and Vibrator Oils

Premium grade Lubricants specially formulated to maximize the power and life of Gate Openers, Rotary and Piston-Type Vibrators, and HD Construction Air Tools by reducing wear, eliminating rust, and dissolving sludge.

Vibrating Reed Tachometers

Easy-to-carry, pencil-style Slide Rule Tachometer safely and easily measures vibrations-per-minute (VPM) or RPM rotation speed of Vibrators and Motors without the need for contact with high speed shafts. Simply hold VIBRA-TAK against the Vibrator or rotating motor.

Perfect Pour Bucket

The WORKMASTER® IPM 5 Gallon Bucket with Lid accomplishes what bucket users have always wanted: a hand-grip on the bottom of the 5-gallon pail. Adding this molded-in grip is a game-changing feature that greatly improves worker convenience, efficiency, and safety on any job.